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HBMSU Awards

Harrington Best TQM Thesis/ Project Award

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in conjunction with a number of European partners from The European Universities Network – TQM has decided to sponsor a prestigious award to encourage pioneering and original research work in the field of TQM, whether through unique contributions through novel ideas and theories or practical applications that is useful and successful. This award recognizes and rewards outstanding TQM-related thesis or projects in the context of the Arab World.

The Award is named after one of the World’s best known gurus and thinkers in TQM and related areas, Dr. H. James Harrington. The award is meant as a special tribute and in recognition of his unique and immense contribution to spreading the teachings of TQM throughout the World and through assisting thousands of organizations improve and reap out its benefits.

The awards program recognizes individual Masters’ students’ unique contributions in helping develop the TQM concept and also efforts that can demonstrate best practice applications and the documentations of organizational quest for improvement and excellence.

The award program is administered through two separate strands.

  • The European version is administered by The European Centre of TQM (University of Bradford in the UK) and covering students from the European Universities Network (EUN-TQM)
  • The version covering the Arab World is administered by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in Dubai.
Parasuraman Service Excellence Prize

This award recognizes and rewards original theoretical and empirical research focusing on dimensions of service excellence.The award takes its name from Professor A. Parasuraman, one of the “Ten Most Influential Figures in Quality” (voted by the editorial board of The Quality Review). He has received many distinguished teaching and research awards, including multiple Best Professor Awards given by Executive MBA Classes and the Provost’s Award for Scholarly Research at the University of Miami. In 1998 he received the American Marketing Association’s “Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award” [an annual award bestowed upon one individual who has had a sustained and far-reaching impact on the field]. He received the Academy of Marketing Science’s “Outstanding Marketing Educator Award” in 2001 and was designated as a “Distinguished Fellow” of the Academy in 2004.

Kondo Research Prize: People and Organizational Culture Perspective

The Kondo Research Prize has been established to recognize and reward research studies that make great contributions to the process of transforming organizational culture and address the Middle East needs, research interests and development questions in the area of people and organizational culture and behavior field. The aim is to further encourage research in this area of the world towards further focus and success in organizational development and business excellence arena.

The Award has been established by the University in honor of Dr. Yoshio Kondo, named ASQ’s 23rd honorary member. Kondo is the global quality emissary for the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), the position formerly held by quality guru Karou Ishikawa. Kondo is professor emeritus of Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. Prior to his retirement in 1987, he was professor and dean of the faculty of engineering at Kyoto University. He also taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during a two-year sabbatical.

HBMSU e-Learning Excellence Awards

These awards are given for proven excellence related to e-Learning in the Arab World.

The HBMSU e-Learning Excellence Awards are established to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of e-learning made by both organizations and/or individuals in the Arab World. They celebrate innovations and excellence and showcase best practices and projects which have had significant contribution to the e-learning industry in the region.

The Best Research Paper for Smart Learning Implementation
The Best Research Paper tackling the Implementation of e-Learning in the Arab World Award has been established with the purpose of honoring the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a particular subject area related to e-learning implementation in the Arab World.

The Best Designed Smart Learning Course Award
The Best Designed e-Learning Course is established to recognize creativity and innovation in the design and development of online courses in the Arab World.

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Smart Learning Award
This award recognizes individuals for their leadership and contribution to the field of e-learning in the Arab world, either over a number of years or for achieving a significant positive change. Individuals must demonstrate that they have made significant contributions and back it up with testimonials and other supporting evidence. Both quantitative and qualitative evidence will be taken into account.

The El Baz Award for Excellence in Organizational Sustainability

Encouraging organizations to continue and develop more in CSR and support the implementation of CSR that is fit for the 21st Century.

The El Baz Award for Excellence in Organizational Sustainability been developed for the purpose of encouraging corporate social responsibility (CSR) in organizations and driving excellence in different parts of the world across different operations. The vision for such an award is driven with the intent to create and sustain excellence by instilling the belief that CSR at all levels has a positive impact on the sustained competitiveness and by building a structure from which value can be derived.

The El-Baz Award for Excellence in Organizational Sustainability is developed to honor the incessant work that Dr. Farouk El-Baz has undertaken over many years and to recognize his unique and significant contributions. Dr Farouk El-Baz participated in the Apollo Program as Supervisor of Lunar Science Planning at a division of AT&T that conducted systems analysis for NASA.

The award is open to following types of organizations – SMEs (Small and medium Organizations), Public Sector, Not-for-profit Private Sector, Manufacturing (large organizations), Services (large organizations), Subsidiaries: The Subsidiary organization can only apply provided practices can be verified in their context rather than the corporate context. The relevance of submission has to be contextualized within the entity itself.

Conti research Prize for Systems Thinking and Organizational Capability

The Conti Research Prize for Systems Thinking and Organizational Capability recognizes and supports research that focuses on the Middle East needs and addresses pressing questions related to systems thinking and organizational capability. The aim of the prize is to encourage and reward research that moves away from a mechanistic approach towards a systems approach in the context of organizations.

The Research Prize has been established in honor of Professor Tito Conti, an eminent scholar and consultant in the areas of quality and organizational excellence and Past President and Honorary Member of the European Organization for Quality including being Past President of the Italian Association for Quality

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