Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and President of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)

Conference 1 November 23, 2021

Innovation for Quality of Digital Services



The widespread availability of digital technologies enabled the development of radically new services that have brought substantial changes in the way we live, learn, socialize, and do business. The introduction of these services expanded access and offered new opportunities to tackle some worldwide challenges and pave the way towards an inclusive and sustainable digital future.

To design and develop innovative digital services, public and private organizations need to embrace digital technologies and integrate them into their strategies, processes, organizational culture, structures, and business models. Organizations need to have effective and agile strategies for digital transformation that facilitate the development of innovative digital services as well as clean, safe, and engaging user experiences. Even when research on the quality of digital services is still in its infancy, it acknowledges the game-changing nature of digital technologies and data-rich environments, the importance of agile co-creation, the need for including service-disadvantaged communities, and the potential of scaling services through the use of cloud-based IT systems.

This conference is designed to discuss the dimensions of the quality of digital services and shed light on innovations, techniques, strategies, and practices that will help organizations in their quest to design, develop, and deliver quality digital services that solve current challenges and create values for different stakeholders in digital societies. The conference will focus not only on presenting innovations but also on generating ideas to foster innovations that support digital transformation and promote the best possible user experiences.

This one-day virtual conference is open for general debate on topics related to service excellence and digital transformation of services. It features a number of exciting activities including: two keynote speeches, panel discussions, a strong line-up of invited and contributed presentations, and interesting workshops, in addition to technical demonstrations and numerous opportunities for informal networking with lead researchers, key players, and decision makers in the area of service quality. Conference attendees will learn from the in-depth analysis, case studies, lively discussions and leave with take-a-ways aligned to their priorities.


  • Service Excellence and Customer Experience Innovations
  • Digital Transformation of Services
  • Quality of Digital Services in Public Sector
  • Quality of Digital Services in Healthcare Sector
  • Quality of Services in Digital Banking
  • Service Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Quality of Online, Smart, and Technology-enhanced Education
  • Quality and Operations Management, Reshaped by AI
  • The Future of Customer Experience: Personalized, Proactive, Predictive, and Responsive

Conference 1

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